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In the commercial real estate business, very few things are maintenance free. Proper and on-going maintenance of your property’s structural and building envelope is essential to retaining tenants and increasing the value.

At Conrad Painting Contractors Inspection involves

a thorough inspection every three to five years which can yield significant returns.

A coatings inspection can identify and monitor conditions/surfaces that may lead to potential problems before they become serious and costly. A proper inspection can help the property manager/owner to be proactive and

not reactive.

A comprehensive inspection report becomes the blueprint for your building maintenance program.

It can help to prioritize your improvements and offer advise

on the best way to approach needed repairs.

Our objective is to provide precise and efficient services to the client in order to save them time and money and ultimately to achieve high quality and safe products.

Commercial Painting Inspection

Commercial Painting| Conrad Painting Contractors

Our commitment is to put our customer first by providing excellent quality service at affordable prices.

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding our services, on-site coatings inspection, consulting services, or if you’d like to request additional information that Conrad Painting offers.