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Exterior Painting

For more than two decades Conrad Painting has been setting the standard in the commercial and industrial painting world.

Knowing the exact condition of the existing coating and the surface condition is our number one concern.

This guides us in determining the proper surface preparation.

According to SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) as high as 80%

of all coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation that directly affects coating adhesion.

Protecting your property from the elements are tough and needs the proper advise and materials.

We believe an educated owner allows us to exceed expectations and for over 25 years Conrad Painting has balanced the right skills, preparations, materials and equipment to ensure a long lasting finish is achieved for years to come.

Safety is one of the most important components when performing commercial work. The job site can be a dangerous place especially while working with other trades on large projects.

All supervisors at Conrad painting are required to attend project safety meetings and are equipped with proper safety equipment to provide a safe working environment.

We use skilled and efficient painters who have many years of experience, and they are trained on how to deliver the highest and most reliable service which they do with professionalism, communication and quality workmanship.

All our prices are competitive and all our work finished to the highest of standards.