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Caring for the environment and workforce is of uppermost importance.

We work with our clients to minimize the impact on the environment and constantly strive to deliver better quality and safer working practices, ensuring contamination control, and correct encapsulation, of high risk working areas.

During inspections we work to make sure that each stage of application

is completed within specification. We consult paint manufacturers to make sure all product tolerances are taken into account.

We complete full application inspections, including air and temperature readings, wet/dry film checks, paint batch control, and mixing observation, to final finish sign off.

Blasting & Painting Supervision

Paint and Coating Inspection

Coatings Failure Analysis

Paint Analysis

Environmental Testing


Industrial Painting Inspection

We understand the cost of corrosion or the poor application of protective coatings, and our mission is to provide our clients with the correct surface preparation and coatings selection.

Conrad Painting Contractors have over 25 years experience in the coatings industry. We are specialists in surface preparation and our consistent focus is on the application of protective coating systems that provide excellent corrosion control.