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Success begins with a comprehensive coatings inspection.

Painting Inspection

Conrad Painting Contractors deliver a wide range of surface preparation and Commercial/Industrial painting techniques, with over 25 years experience in the painting and coating industry, enabling us to understand and cover all your project needs.

We understand the cost of properly maintaining your equipment and building envelope.

We are specialist in surface preparation, and application of protective coating system that provides excellent corrosion

control at the best value.

Prolonging the service life of the coating system and the longevity of the company’s assets is our number one concern and we work with our clients to find out exactly what they require from individual surveys.

Whether planning a commercial/industrial coating application project or concerned about coating conditions on aging equipment, Conrad Painting can help you.

We specialize in satisfying demanding customers

Consulting service with free quotes.

We provide a no obligation

on-site coatings inspection.

We embrace both PDCA and SSPC standards.