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We Specialize in surface preparation and cleaning services, which include blast cleaning, sand blasting, pressure washing, chemical cleaning and steam cleaning services.

Sandblasting is one of many methods used to clean and prepare substrates for painting. The life of a coating system largely depends on the surface preparation.

Conrad Painting abrasive blasting services experienced staff will help you determine the appropriate surface preparation or blast cleaning system to match your requirements.

Conrad Painting provides a full array of blasting services including water blasting and dry ice blasting.

  1. State of the art blasting equipment

  1. Trained and experienced field operators

  1. Selection of the appropriate blast media

  1. Adhere to SSPC & PDCA standards

  1. Containment services

  1. Waste cleanup and disposal

  1. Technical coatings expertise


The primary function of sandblasting is to remove surface contaminants that can induce premature coating failures and is used to clean surfaces for an adequate surface profile which promotes paint adhesion.